High Energy

I can help you tell your story, get customers, and grow your company. I am a software and web developer focused on working smart and getting things done!

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Driving Values

Besides being a huge nerd, I am a life-long learner who loves to solve interesting problems.

I strive to honor God, to become the man my wife deserves, to guide my two boys to become strong men I can be proud of and to be at least ½ the man my dog thinks I am. 


I have always been a high energy person. I can keep up with my kids and when I get into a project I bring an obsessive amount of focus.


I am smart enough to know there is always more to learn. I maintain a hunger to learn that leads me to tinker and test and optimize.


Nobody is perfect, I always strive to do what I say, and not over-promise. I own my mistakes and will always tell it to you straight. 

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My Other Projects

I also have some personal ideas/projects I might get around to... eventually

Used To Tube

What I'm doing Now

I'm interested in finding an awesome new software development team so that I can get back to building cool stuff and solving interesting problems. Meanwhile I'm honing my marketing and web development skills. Baseball season has started so I'm spending a lot of time at games and practice with my boys. Also playing some Minecraft from time to time.

Check out my Now page to see more details.

Visit My Blog.

Read about things that inspire me and my experiments with self-improvement.

Visit My Blog.

Read about things that inspire me and my experiments with self-improvement.

About Me.

💪🤓 - I am an experienced software developer. With a strong work ethic and a teachers heart. I tell terrible jokes (b/c I'm a Dad).

🧩 - I love solving interesting problems with work or side projects.

👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 - I live in Louisville, Kentucky with my beautiful wife Brooke and our two awesome sons.
💻 ⛪❤ - I am passionate about technology and seek to build God's kingdom through my career, personal life, church involvement and the legacy of love I leave for my family

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